Welcome to Fruit Link, We are your Producer & Exporter of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Citrus and Dates from Egypt to all over the world;

Fruit Link is

Fruit Link is a leading company in producing & Exporting Egyptian Fresh Citrus, Fruits, Vegetables and Dates from Egypt to all over the world. We have new deep ideas and techniques about the farms, markets progress, so our customers are depending on us and this gives us the competitive point comparing with other competitors. Besides our long experienced and trained team work that handle the shipment smoothly and fast, commit with high performance with all packaging, sorting, loading….etc for the producing steps and other arranges. And the most effective marketing department that helps our customers as much to support them for selecting the best decision for their markets, sales quantities,…etc.   Read more

Performance & Efficient

Fruit Link's vision works on growing, producing, and packing its Egyptian Fresh products with compatible standards of international Fresh Produce items that honor to be exported to high-class markets, those Fruit Link is interested in working with. So Fruit Link has got GLOBAL G.A.P, ISO, HALAL certificates,  certified by International qualifying organization as SGS, JAZ-ANZ, IQC, IAF. Fruit Link as an Egyptian leader exporter understands and studies always ways of presenting & getting the honor of our product that satisfy the customers by high levels of aware of customer interests, the accurate specification for pack & product quality, market demand, logistics options as the most important sides to reach our customers imagination. Read more


Fruit link is one of fresh produce exporting leaders from Egypt, through commitment &  guarantee of quality, required specifications for each customer market, Fruit Link has reached reasonable range of selling several products in most of high class category markets as hard regulation, monitor for quality as like France, Norway, Finland, U.K, Slovenia, Malaysia, Singapore, India. Read more

Here's the Products list ...

  • Citrus Products: Navel Orange, Adalia Lemon, Lime, Mandarins, Grape Fruit.
  • Fruits: Strawberry, Guava, Mango, Fresh Red Dates, Fresh Barhi Dates
  • Peas & Beans: Green Beans, Mangetout (Snow Peas).
  • Broccoli, Cabbage, Ice Berg Lettuce.
  • Sweet Potatoes (Red & White)
  • Spring Onion
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